Enabling renewables and distributed generation.

Demand response is seen as measure to increase the power system flexibility. Recent developments from research projects and pilots pave the way to large scale deployment and commercialization. This webinar will present the potentials of different DR technologies and different national and international approaches and discusses how flexibility of demand is making its way into markets and network operation. IEA-DSM Task 17 addresses the current role and potential of flexibility in electricity demand and supply of systems of energy consuming/producing processes in buildings (residential and commercial) equipped with DER (Electric Vehicles, PV, storage, heat pumps, ...) and their impacts on the grid and markets.

By Lawrence Jones (Alstom)

In this webinar, Dr. Lawrence Jones will discuss, Renewable Energy Integration, a new ground-breaking book which offers a distilled examination of the intricacies of integrating renewables into power grids and electricity markets. Through thirty-five chapters, this first of its kind volume offers informed perspectives from internationally renowned experts on the challenges to be met and solutions developed by operators around the world. The book focuses on the practical implementation of strategies and provides real-world context for theoretical underpinnings and the development of supporting policy frameworks. It lays out the key issues around the integration of renewables into power grids and markets, from the intricacies of operational and planning considerations to supporting regulatory and policy frameworks; provides global case studies that highlight the challenges of renewables integration and present field-tested solutions; illustrates enabling technologies to support the management of variability, uncertainty and flexibility in power grids. During webinar Dr.  Jones will overview different parts and key themes in the book, with a special focus on the subject of demand response, and other solutions for increasing power systems flexibility, and the role of big data.