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Copper and aluminum compared in a life- cycle cost perspective

Teacher Wim Boone, Hans De Keulenaer


Date: August 26, 2015
Time: 15h00-16h00 Central European Time (check your local time)

In this presentation, the results of two studies are presented. The first study concerns a survey of technical properties of copper versus aluminium, including failure mechanisms in which the conductor plays a major part,  followed by a decision model on what criteria the selection process of the conductor material happens in practice. The second study deals with a complete Life Cycle Cost Analysis, in which the total life-cycle costs are being calculated over the life span of the cable with both CAPEX and OPEX. This has resulted in the conclusion that both materials  can be considered to give equivalent solutions from a life cycle costing perspective. These  studies demonstrate a superiority of copper while costs are similar. Although there is a difference in initial costs, such initial conductor and cable costs represent only a negligible (a few percentage) portion of the total life cycle cost.

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