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Webinar - Induction Heating – Operation, Applications and Case Studies

Teacher Hans De Keulenaer, Baskar Vairamohan


By Baskar Vairamohan (EPRI)

The industrial process heating applications that use electrotechnologies have been found to improve product quality, productivity, energy efficiency, reduce energy intensity and have many other non-energy benefits. Induction technology is another electrotechnology based heating method for heating electrical conductive materials. It involves sending an alternating current (AC) through a copper coil which surrounds the material to be heated or melted. When a metal is placed inside the coil and enters the magnetic field, circulating eddy currents are induced within the metal. The resistance of the metal to the flow of the eddy currents causes the metal to heat up. In this webcast, the operation principles of induction heating technology used for both heating and melting, its applications and EPRI case studies will be presented. The information of vendors as well as other links to reference materials will be presented at the end.

Duration (hours)