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Energy Management Foundation Training

Teacher Aedan Kernan, Roman Targosz, Nobby Yamanouchi


This course offers a foundation training on energy management. It is based primarily on the ISO 50001 standard. It is organised in 9 chapters:

  1. Introduction to energy management
  2. The role of top management
  3. The role of the energy manager
  4. Energy review
  5. EnMS planning
  6. Implementation & operation
  7. Managing performance improvement
  8. Verifying performance improvement
  9. Management review

The learning goals are for the energy manager to fully understand the energy management cycle and start the development of his organisation’s energy management system.

Target Audience

This course is primarily intended for energy managers.It aims to give them the management tools needed to implement an EnMS in their organisation.

In second instance, all professionals interested in energy management could use the course to gain a basic understanding of the energy management cycle and its potential for saving energy. Therefore, program managers, regulators and educators, for instance, are welcome to join as well.


The energy manager joining the course must have an interest in improving his organisation's energy performance. If the goal is to implement an energy management system, top management endorsement is imperative.


Successful completion of the course leads to a certificate of accomplishment.

Duration (hours)

8 hours